The adage that says “a picture speaks a thousand words” holds true in the social media world, and in recent times the use of Videos is gaining a fast ground as one of the most potent social media marketing tools on the web. The growing patronage enjoyed by popular video sharing sites such as YouTube and other social media sites has made the use of videos one of the most reliable means of getting more traction online, after a recent study was carried out it was revealed that videos have an inherent appeal than any other form of post on social media, videos are better than the usage of pictures and other forms of marketing on social media, most social media users will always prefer to see something rather than having to read a content.

As it stands, video is currently one of the most engaging forms of digital content and as it stands videos are getting more traction on social media sites like Facebook, twitter, and many other social media sites and this has made videos the latest trend on the internet, Videos will always get more likes when compared to pictures and that is the more reason why marketing companies have decided to take advantage of this factor and use Videos as a form of marketing, the usage of Videos on social media is not only restricted to entertainment purposes but it covers many other things which make the use of Video a very viable means of getting more traction, a video can convey an information, an idea and still serve the purpose of entertainment bringing great value to anybody watching this videos.


According to the latest data from social giant, it is shown that the daily watch time for Facebook live broadcast has quadrupled over the last year, while the time spent on watching video on Instagram has increased by 80% within the same time. Instagram also reports that the number of videos posted on a daily basis on the platform increases four times every year.

The reason why videos are considered the new trend online is that videos are also seen as a convenient means of advertising making it one of the best options for advertising. A precise and informative video will always go a long way in gaining more traction online. Video is currently one of the most engaging forms of digital content and when taking a look at predictions, there is a high chance that the interest in videos on social media will increase as time goes by, according to a research, it is said that 75% of the world’s mobile traffic will be for videos by 2020.

Videos are currently gaining more traction on social media and they will always gain more traction on social media on a daily basis.



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