UK Is (sort of) Legalizing Cannabis


Many countries around the world are starting to change their stance on cannabis, and that includes the United Kingdom. Recently, they allowed medical cannabis to be prescribed by doctors, which is the first time it has been allowed.

One of the main reasons for this change was due to the public uproar over two children who were suffering from severe epilepsy. They were denied the access to cannabis oil that could help them. Fortunately, the change to the laws will now allow them and others to be prescribed medical cannabis.

Of course, while this might seem like a small step – and it is – it is important to understand that this is likely just the beginning. As we’ve seen with other countries around the world, the use of medical cannabis for one or several maladies is typically the first in a journey toward broader legalization down the road.

Many people in the UK support the use of medical marijuana. In fact, polls show that 82% have supported its use. In addition, the polls found that 51% of people in the UK support the use of recreational marijuana.

The changes are happening because people are finally recognizing that cannabis has the capability to help patients who are suffering from a range of illnesses and ailments. They are finding that it is a more natural option and a safer option than prescribing drugs that may have terrible side effects or that might be addictive.

While the UK is still in the initial stages of legalization, it is nice to see that they appear to finally be on the right path.

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