Tips on Shopping for Edibles and Infused Products


If you are interested in buying cannabis edibles and infused products, you have quite a few choices on the market today, at least in many states. Whether you are buying through a medical dispensary or you are buying through a legal retail outlet in the state, it can sometimes be confusing to know just what you should be buying. There are many brands, along with many varying levels of THC or CBD in these products. Therefore, you will want to have a better understanding of how to shop and to look for the right types of ingredients that will give you the experience you want.

How Much THC Is Right?

The answer to this question is difficult to answer, because the truth is that it will depend. For someone who is trying edibles for the first time, you will want to have a lower level of THC in the product. Typically, somewhere around 10mg to 20mg might be a good option for a newbie. However, those who are looking for something stronger and who have experienced edibles and infused products before, you might want to go much higher, perhaps all the way up to 1,000mg.

When you are looking at the packaging of the products you are considering, always look to see how many mg of THC is in each serving. In addition, consider the serving size and how you will be using the edibles. If you are just using them to get the effects of the marijuana, then the portion can be quite small, and it won’t matter. However, if you are looking to have something a bit more substantial, such as a whole brownie or piece of cake, then you want to make sure it has the right amount of cannabis for your needs.

The Uptake of the Edibles

Another factor to consider when you are buying these products is the manner of update. There are those that are digested through the stomach, those where the THC transfers to the body via saliva, and those that are a hybrid mix of the two. Some examples of gastrointestinal uptake items include cookies, brownies, and cake. For oral uptake, examples would include gum, drops, and lollipops. Hybrids could include infused drinks and chocolate bars, for example.

Why is it important to know the uptake of the item? It will generally determine how long it takes before the effects are felt. With gastrointestinal uptake, it usually takes longer – up to two hours before you notice the effects. However, these effects tend to last for a longer period. With oral uptake, the effect is often felt immediately, but the effects do not last as long. Hybrids, naturally, are somewhere in between.

By Professional Products that Are Clearly Labeled

You should make sure that any of the products you buy with cannabis in them have clear labels on them. You do not want to have a roommate with a sweet tooth getting into your “special treats” without realizing exactly what they are. The label should identify the product so there are no mistakes made by anyone who decides to get into your pantry or refrigerator.

Think About What You Like

One of the nice things about today’s world is that there are many different types of products on the market that you can buy. You can buy sweet treats if you have a craving for those types of foods. You can also buy lozenges, gum, and a wealth of other sorts of products that might work well for you. Consider your lifestyle, as well. How and where will you be taking the edibles or the infused products. Find those that you like and that give you the feeling you want, but with so many choices, be ready to branch out and try some interesting options once in a while.

Consider Making Your Own

While there are quite a few options on the market, you can also make your own if you would like. It does take some time to learn how to do it properly, and you will need to follow recipes that you find online, or that you learn from a friend, but it can be very rewarding. You can go as simple or complex as you would like.

You could get some marijuana infused olive oil that you can then drizzle over your salad or even popcorn, for example. You could also buy some premade cannabis butter, if you do not want to make your own, and then add it to various types of food.

If you are going to be making your own edibles and infused products, and you are keeping them in the house or you offer them to a family member, always make sure they know exactly what is in the food. You never want to give someone marijuana of any type without letting them know.

Why Are Edibles Popular?

If you typically smoke marijuana, or if you vape, then you might be wondering why so many people are into edibles and infusions. What is it about them that is appealing. People like them for a range of reasons.

In some cases, they might want to have an edible rather than smoking because it is an easier option that does not put the scent of marijuana in the air. They might also like the way that it makes them feel, as it can offer provide a “deeper” or more powerful high. Others do not like the taste or smell, but they like the effects. Some might not like the act of smoking. Many medical marijuana patients prefer edibles, as it might be easier for their medical condition.

There are many reasons to use edibles rather than smoking. However, if you like smoking, that does not mean that you can’t also take some time to enjoy some edibles. It’s a different and interesting way to get high. The point is always to be safe and have a good time.




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