Tips for Digital Marketing for Your Marijuana Business


With marijuana becoming legal for medicinal use and even recreational use in many states around the country, there are many businesses sprouting up around this growing industry. However, those who are getting into the field need to understand how best to market their products in the digital environment while keeping in accordance with the laws. Digital marketing essentially covers all that occurs on the web.

Why Is Digital Marketing So Important?

Digital marketing for marijuana, and just about anything else, has a host of benefits. It is very cost efficient, it allows for near instant feedback, so you can determine whether your marketing efforts are working, and it can help to put you on par with companies that are much larger than yours. It is a very effective way to market, but you do still need to take care that you are marketing the right way and through the right channels.

There are a range of digital marketing methods that you can use for your marijuana business. You can advertise on sites that are in the industry, and you can create promotional codes for buyers, and you can start a newsletter to build your email database. However, one of the best methods you will want to start using, if you haven’t already, is to create a dedicated website/blog for your business and the industry.

Why Do You Need a Blog

When you want to be noticed online, you need to have a website. However, simply setting up a site with your branding and some products is not good enough today. You have countless competitors, and the number of competitors is growing. You need to have a site that draws people into it and makes them want to keep returning. You also need a site that ranks highly in the search engines.

The best way to do this is with quality content. It doesn’t need to be award-winning writing, but it needs to inform or entertain in some way. It needs to cover the marijuana topic, as well as your niche, and you need to make sure you are utilizing keywords and key phrases to help with your search engine optimization. You want to choose keywords that you want your webpages to rank for, and you want to use them not only in the content, but also the meta description and the title tag.

Coming up with content does not need to be difficult. Think about the audience you are trying to reach and what type of content would be most beneficial for them. Put yourself into their shoes and create blog posts, videos, etc. that they are going to enjoy. Read the comments and see what types of content the readers want. When you provide them with what they want from your site, they are going to keep coming back. They will become loyal and you will become trusted in their eyes. Good content is one of the best digital marketing techniques for marijuana businesses today, so make it a big part of your plan.




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