The Surprising Uses of the Cannabis Plant


How much do you know about the cannabis plant? Sure, you know that you can get marijuana from the plant, but it offers people far more than just the ability to get high. It truly is a miraculous and hearty plant, and there are currently more than 50,000 ways to use it commercially.

Hemp comes from the plant, and it has been used for ages to create textiles, paper, and more. The hemp that is used today comes from a non-psychoactive cannabis plant that is generally called industrial hemp. The THC content in the plant is less than 1%, and it is impossible to get high from it. In the United States, hemp is still illegal, so it needs to be imported from Canada or from Europe. It’s unfortunate that it is illegal, especially in the wake of medical marijuana and recreational legalization in many states.

The cannabis plant can also be utilized for food. The hemp seeds are edible, and they are often in bird food. Of course, people now also utilize hemp seed in their own diet.

Hemp has been pressed into a range of forms and shapes, as well, which means it is possible to replace wooden materials with hemp. It is more flexible, and it is cheaper than traditional wood. It is also used for plastics, oils, paper, clothing, medicinal purposes, and so much more.

The cannabis plant is one of the most amazing and useful plants on the planet, and hopefully, society will have grown enough that the stigma behind cannabis and marijuana, not to mention hemp, finally goes away.




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