Ex-Speaker of the House Joins Board of Acreage Holdings Cannabis Company


When it comes to well-known people who are becoming a part of the marijuana industry, there are certain names that you never expect to see. One of those names, up until a few days ago, was John Boehner, the former Speaker of the House. It was only nine years ago that he was opposed to the legalization of marijuana. However, times have changes and so has Boehner, apparently.

Boehner Changes His Mind on Marijuana

The Republican from Ohio, who had been a part of the House of Representatives from 1990 and the Speaker from 2011 to 2015, said that the attitudes of people in the United States have changed regarding marijuana over the past decade or so. He says that his attitude has changed, as well. He announced that his “thinking on cannabis had evolved” and that he would be joining the board of Acreage Holdings.
Boehner believes that it is important to de-schedule the drug for a range of purposes, including helping veterans, research, and to reduce the opioid epidemic. This change in attitude and outlook is one that is welcome, and it does bode well for the future of cannabis in the United States.

More Republicans on the Board

Boehner is not the only Republican to have joined the Acreage Holdings board. Bill Weld, former governor of Massachusetts, is also joining. He believes as Boehner does that it could be of use for treating PTSD along with other health issues, including chronic pain. Again, it is good to see that someone formerly opposed to marijuana is taking an open and more research-based stance.

What Is Acreage Holdings?

Acreage Holdings is an investment company formed in 2014 and was formerly called High Street Capital Partners. Today, they have operations in many states across the country with goals of expanding. Their portfolio covers a range of the cannabis industry including cultivation, along with processing and dispensing.
They operate two of the nine licensed dispensaries in Connecticut, they have a dispensary in Merrimack, NH that provides service to about 1,600 patients, and have a license to sell cannabis, as well as cultivate it and process it, in Oregon. The company also has operations and investments in Illinois, Massachusetts, California, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Colorado, Nevada, Washington, and Arizona.
With the changes in outlook on cannabis over the past several years, as more and more information is revealed about the medical properties of the drug, it appears as though at least some former opponents are starting to see the light.
However, there are still issues stemming from the current administration. The Attorney General recently rescinded memos from the Obama administration that had created a policy not to interfere with states that had become marijuana friendly. This has changed the federal policy and now gives them more power via federal prosecutors to determine how and where to use their resources to “fight” against marijuana, even in states where it is legal.
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