Cannabis Culture Has Evolved


A couple of decades ago, there was a massive stigma around those who smoked or ingested marijuana. In the 1950s and 60s, there were many negative stereotypes, and people equated cannabis with a violent lifestyle, and even believed that it was addictive and could cause a person to go insane. In the latter part of the 60s and 70s, marijuana was believed to be a “hippie” drug, and that hippies were just lazy at best and dangerous at worst.

However, times have changed greatly. Today, many people freely admit to having tried marijuana at least once, and we know that cannabis has a bevy of medicinal uses for diseases such as cancer and epilepsy. It can help people to relax and help them to deal with chronic pain.

In addition to medical usage, we’ve learned enough about cannabis to realize that it can and should be used in a recreational capacity, as well. It is far less dangerous than other legal drugs, such as alcohol and nicotine. With proper regulation and taxation, it can prove to be a powerful industry that brings in billions of dollars a year.

Today, the stereotypes regarding the marijuana lifestyle have been shattered for the most part. Sure, there are still those of the “old guard” who believe it is the devil’s weed, but those individuals are fortunately rare. Today, a person who smokes pot or eats edibles is not seen as a danger to themselves or others. They are just like everyone else.




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