Cannabis Business Executive Convention


With the changes in medical and recreational marijuana usage in many states around the country, from January 10 through January 12, 2018, the Cannabis Business Executive Convention will be held in Washington, D.C. at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

For the 2018 convention, which happens to be the first CBEC, they expect there to be thousands of attendees, all part of in the industry, including investors, innovators in the field, medical researchers, and more. There should be a good media turnout for the event, as well. Some of the speakers at this convention will cover topics such as operations and production, innovation, science and tech, and business development.

The event will allow those who are in the business to meet with others in the industry in person. It’s a great way to build new connections and relationships, which could prove very useful to you and your business in the future. Those who attend will have access to the industry leaders, as well as outside experts.

The CBEC is held in partnership with the Cannabis Business Executive. Although this is the first year for the convention, it promises to offer quite a bit for those who choose to attend. With this year being one of the biggest years in the industry, thanks to California finally legalizing recreational use of marijuana, it should prove to be quite beneficial for all those entrepreneurs who choose to attend. If you do want to attend, it’s a good idea to reserve your spot and a hotel room early.



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