Aurora Cannabis, Inc


Aurora Cannabis, Inc. (OCTBB: ACBFF) is a Canadian owned and operated company that has been working in the field of medical marijuana with the goal of providing the best, cleanest, and safest medical cannabis available today. They have a large and state-of-the-art facility located in Mountain View County that measures 55,200 square feet.

Their goal as a company is to present an easy to understand and affordable method for patients to get the medical cannabis they need. They have put together a quality support staff, along with fantastic cultivators and technicians to ensure their facility is producing only the very best. They also work with a network of doctors who have been educated on the benefits of cannabis and who can relate this information to patients.

The company continues to grow, and they already offer a range of quality products for patients. They offer several strains of marijuana, along with double-milled decarb capsules, oils, such as THC and CBD drops, and vaporizers for those who prefer to vape for one reason or another. The companies website even lets potential buyers know which strains are ready and which ones are currently growing.

The company has a philosophy of making things as easy as possible for patients. From their site, the information they provide, and the quality of the products they offer, they are succeeding on this front. The company is one of 35 licensed producers in Canada, and it is the only one in Alberta. It boasts a low overhead, as well as the lowest cost per gram producer in Canada, making it a good option for investors.



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